We often get asked by parents, “When should my child learn to code?”

I think children should start coding as early as possible. It doesn’t have to be all computer based-learning either. Coding is all about giving logical instructions to a machine. There are some very cool board games and card games out there that can help achieve the same purpose.

Coding teaches many critical skills such as breaking down problems and thinking logically. Also, in the modern world, being able to adapt and learn from experimenting and peer group feedback is a vital skill that coding teaches us naturally. It will give children the foundation to thrive in any future field of their choice whether it’s in the arts or science or technology. At Code Kids we have children who have been learning coding concepts from the age of 6. Many of our students progress quickly with us. Some of our 9 year old students are now creating Python applications and JavaScript websites! 

So, what age should children learn coding? At any age when they show an interest in technology. This way they learn that being creators is far more fun and rewarding than being players only! 

About Code Kids 

Code Kids is a children’s technology enrichment provider. We run virtual and holiday tech camps and afterschool programmes nationally. Our teachers are widely recognised industry figures who bring passion and enjoyment to the subjects being taught to children. We focus on making children self-sufficient learners after they attend Code Kids sessions, and our teachers are always at hand to support them as they continue their learning journey. 

We run coding classes using popular gaming platforms such as Minecraft, Roblox as a way to instil fun when learning coding. We also run classes on Python, JavaScript, Making Mobile Phone Apps, Virtual Reality, and many more subjects which you can learn about on our website: www.codekids.org.uk

At Code Kids, our mission is to help children learn to code, but not at a massive financial cost to their families. We understand how families have to sometimes juggle and prioritise.


For the best chance of success when learning to code:

  • work with your child when they show an interest, there’s no point in forced learning,
  • allow them to lead their learning, perhaps through a gaming platform they already enjoy,
  • let them experiment and make mistakes and figure out where they might have made a mistake, and
  • practise little and often, as you would with a new spoken language.