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Dulwich College Junior School

Become a Future-Ready Tech Leader!


The Code Kids camp at Dulwich college is for children who want to explore technology through Python programming, Artificial Intelligence, Minecraft, and LEGO Robotics. By joining the club, students will develop valuable skills for the future of work and have a blast doing it!

The Future of Work:

As technology advances, it’s essential for children to develop skills in areas like robotics, AI, and programming. The Code Kids camp will help students understand the technical and problem skills that will be required in the future.


Engaging Activities: Students will learn about technology through hands-on projects and activities that are both educational and entertaining. 

Valuable Skills: Students will gain practical experience in Python, AI, Minecraft Engineering, and Lego Robotics, preparing them for future opportunities. 

Creativity and Problem-Solving: Students will learn how to think creatively and develop innovative solutions, valuable skills for any career. 

Learning from Tech industry leaders : Students will be learning from teacher who have decades of experience as tech leaders in the UK and Silicon Valley. 

Exciting Career Paths: Students will explore careers in technology, including robotics, AI, game development, and more!


  • Python Programming

          Students will create programs, games, and animations using Python. 

  • Artificial Intelligence

          Students will explore AI through activities like developing chatbots and teaching machines to recognize words or images.

  • Minecraft Programming

           Students will code in Minecraft using Python to create mods, automate tasks, and more.

  • Lego Robotics

          Students will build and program LEGO robots, exploring sensors, motors, and completing challenges like line following and object detection.

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