Intermediate Minecraft Coding, Autumn Term

Intermediate Minecraft Coding, Autumn Term

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MINECRAFT Coding Intermediate Level

Take your Minecraft coding knowledge further with the new Code Kids Intermediate level Minecraft Coding course this Autumn. You will take your knowledge of creative game play to the next level as we explore the interplay between code, command blocks, and Redstone to create multi-player games. We will also introduce Minecraft JavaScript and Python coding to children. This will set them up for the next level of their coding journey which will use ‘real-world’ text-based programming languages such as Java, Python or JavaScript.

Who is the course for?

The course is aimed at children who are at least 9 years of age or those who have a good grasp of the beginner level concepts which were covered during the Autumn and Summer term classes.

What we will cover in the Intermediate Minecraft course:

  • We will focus more on multiplayer games where the children can interactively play inside each other’s Minecraft worlds.
  • Advanced data structures: using object Variables, Lists and Dictionaries
  • Use of Logic, and nested logic statements to make in-game decisions.
  • Advanced loops: using For loops and While loops embedded with logic
  • Using Functions to create reusable and clean code.
  • Combining Command blocks and Code to create highly interactive games
  • We will explore basic JavaScript and Python coding techniques. This is the next step up from block-based coding and opens up a whole new world of ‘real-life’ coding opportunities.

This class runs like an after school club. There is a class once a week every week at the same time. Minecraft sessions last an hour.

Intermediate Minecraft Autumn Term Timetable:

DayStart DateEnd Date
Monday 5.30 PM - 6.30 PM (11 weeks)20th Sep 2021 6th Dec 2021
Tuesday 5.30 PM - 6.30 PM (11 weeks)21st Sep 2021 7th Dec 2021
Thursday 5.30 PM - 6.30 PM (11 weeks)23rd Sep 2021 9th Dec 2021
Saturday, 10.45 AM - 11.45 AM (11 weeks) 25th Sep 2021
11th Dec 2021

Duration: 11 weeks
Frequency: Once a week

Note: Half term break (no sessions):  25th Oct – 31st Oct 2021

Age Requirement: 9+

Experience: Course participants must have attended Beginner Level Minecraft coding course with us (week-long camp or term time club) prior to starting this class.

Equipment Needed:

  • A laptop/computer or tablet with the Zoom installed.
  • A laptop/computer or an iPad with Minecraft Education edition installed


Please download Minecraft Education Edition for free on any of the following devices:

  • A Mac computer/laptop (download here)
  • A Windows PC/laptop (download here)
  • A Chromebook (download here)
  • An iPad (other tablets are not supported – download from the app store)

– Please check Minecraft Education Edition system requirements here.

We will send you the login details for Minecraft Education Edition by Friday, the 10th of Sep  2021.

It is highly recommended that you use two devices, one to work on, and the other for Zoom where the tutor will be sharing his or her screen and communicating with your child. A mobile phone isn’t ideal for Zoom as the screen is too small. 


Your child will need to be in a quiet space away from any background noise. We can’t always see your child’s screen so they may need some adult supervision from time to time to make sure they are getting the most out of their lesson.

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