Roblox Game Creator: Advanced LUA Coding and Game Scripts

Roblox is the worlds most popular game creation platform. Game Creators regularly earn more than $1 million a year by creating and publishing games. This course is for students who want to take their game development skills to another level by designing 3D worlds and then using LUA - a powerful and popular programming language - to create advanced game mechanics and custom items. You can use your creations either for your own game or to sell on the marketplace. You'll learn LUA programming through a series of exciting games. This is a live virtual course that is taught by successful Roblox game developers based in the UK. Our tutors are passionate about teaching and they have taught hundreds of hours of Roblox course content to students all over the world. Our staff have enhanced DBS checks and Safeguarding Training.

Roblox Game Creator: Advanced LUA Coding and Game Scripts (Advanced Level), Spring Term Timetable 2022:

DayStart DateEnd Date
Thursday 5.30 PM - 6.30 PM (10 weeks)13th January 202224rd March 2022
Duration: 10 weeks Frequency: Once a week Note: Half term break (no sessions): 14th February – 20th February 2022 Challenges may vary depending on the child’s age/ability as we have multiple streams running within each session.


- Attended a Roblox Level 2 (we accept Students who have only completed Roblox Level 1 but please contact us to discuss suitability) - Age requirement: 10+ - Comfortable using computers and typing

Hardware and software requirements:

- PC or Mac with Roblox Studio (note iPads/Android or ChromeBooks will not work) - Windows 10 or higher / Mac OS version 10.20 or higher - Minimum system RAM of 8GB - Minimal storage capacity of 1GB or higher

What you will learn:

- Practice programming fundamentals with Lua - Use programming logic to create gameplay mechanics and design 3D worlds - Learn how to make stand-alone scripts for anyone to use - Setting up custom servers - Use of Roblox physics - provides transferable skills to other KS3 subjects (Science, Maths).

Example game projects covered in this course:

- Simulator games, for example pet simulator games - Advanced Obby games such as Red Light Green Light and Glass Bridge Jumps - Custom NPCs and modding them - Custom items (Lots of flexibility: Tutors will ask the class for their preferred game genres and will develop the course content around this)