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Our online camps run slightly differently to our in-house camps, so you might have lots of questions. See our answers to some of your frequently asked questions below

What steps do you take to protect the children in an online setting like this one?2020-03-22T21:00:47+00:00
We take safeguarding of our children very seriously, and it is the same whether they are in an in-house classroom or a virtual one. We encourage them to become good digital citizens and stay safe online. This means:
  • Protecting private information for themselves and others
  • Be just as respectful towards their tutor and peer group in a virtual classroom as they would in a physical one
  • Stand up to cyber-bullying when they see it happening
  • Carefully manage their digital footprint

Whilst they are in the classroom, we cannot see what they have got on their individual screens unless they choose to share. We therefore ask that although the child sits in a quiet space, a responsible adult is always close by to monitor their screens from time to time.

What will my child take home after the course?2020-03-22T20:52:32+00:00
After the course finishes, you child will continue to have access to the software used. They will also be sent an online certificate listing the course they attended and the duration of the course. They will also be sent a copy of their project files.
Do I need to dial a special number on a phone or buy headphones or a mic?2020-03-22T20:43:28+00:00
You do not need to get any specialist equipment or “dial in” with a phone. A good internet connection at home should allow your child to use the speakers and mic on their device to talk to us. If you are concerned, you are very welcome to have a test run with us a few days before the start of the class.
Does my child need to have their video turned on?2020-03-22T20:39:06+00:00
We recommend having the video on, particularly at the beginning of the class, because in a virtual environment, it helps the tutor gauge whether they are following along and change their pace and style accordingly. We do not record our lessons, and if we ever need to, it is a recording of the screen share and not the video feed.
Do we join the virtual classroom at exactly the start of the session?2020-03-22T20:34:54+00:00
We recommend signing in around 10-15 minutes before the start of the sessions to meet your tutor and register with them. This will be an opportunity for the parent or the student to tell the tutor about any concerns or questions. You would be welcome to message the tutor privately as well. You can also meet the rest of your class virtually and get to know them a bit better before the course starts.
Will there be breaks or is the session 3 hours long with no breaks?2020-03-22T20:28:49+00:00
We aim to deliver shorter projects, with a 5-10 minute drink/snack break after 50-55 minutes of lessons. There will be 2 breaks build into the session, a drink break around 10AM and a snack break around 11AM, each lasting 5-10 minutes. We won’t disconnect from the virtual classroom, but the students will be allowed to leave the room.
Do I need to buy software of subscriptions for the courses?2020-03-22T20:10:02+00:00
All software and subscriptions are provided to you free of charge, as we cover the cost of the licences. Also, for the remainder of the break from school, the class participants will continue to have access to our software for free.
We don’t have an iPad or computer at home. Can I hire them from you?2020-03-22T20:04:00+00:00
Yes you can, if you’re booking for 1 week or longer – hire charge is £50 per week per device to cover special delivery shipping and insurance with a fully refundable deposit of £200. Contact us via email to set this up.
How involved do I have to be during the day as a parent?2020-03-22T19:57:30+00:00
Parents are usually not required to actively support children for the online courses – although some welcome the opportunity to learn coding alongside their children!
We will ask parents to guide the children through the Zoom set up and controls – this is usually 10 to 15 mins at the start before children become familiar with Zoom. At the start we will spend some time familiarising ourselves with the controls.
What are the timings of an online mini-camp?2020-03-22T18:38:06+00:00

Our online mini-camp times are different to our in-house camps. Our mini-camps are 3 hours long. However, if you feel your child could cope with a full day of learning, they can join us for a different subject in the afternoon. We have a 2 hour break between the morning and afternoon sessions, allowing the students to have lunch and some free time at home.

We have three sessions running on any given day:

  • 9AM to 12PM (this is an ideal time for our younger learners as they tend to be most productive in the mornings)
  • 2PM to 5PM (this session would offer a different subject to the morning session, as our mini-camps are only three hours long, giving working from home families lots of flexibility)
  • 6PM to 9PM (these classes are ideal for older learners, who might be more productive in the evenings, and also for our international students in the US)


What equipment do I need to provide my child with in the online only camp?2020-03-22T19:54:42+00:00

Your child will need a device to connect with us via a Zoom classroom, so at the very least, they will need:

  • a computer or an iPad with Zoom installed (for most courses, either one will work, but some courses may be iPad only or Computer only)
  • a quiet space to work, away from background noise or distractions (siblings or television/radio)
  • if you have two siblings joining the camp, they will also need to be in separate rooms
  • perhaps some writing material to take any notes. Most notes from the tutor will be sent to the students at the end of the class

The Game Design course is iPad /tablet only.

The Virtual Reality course experience is better on a iPad/tablet. If you are using a computer, we would recommend having a smart phone to view your world.

Scratch Coding, Roblox Coding, Advanced Game Development, Mobile App Development, Python Coding all require a computer.


Do all your coaches have DBS checks?2020-03-22T16:49:41+00:00

Every Code Kids coach who works with our children has an enhanced DBS check and has had child safeguarding training. The safety of the children in our care is our highest priority. Every camp also has at least one adult with paediatric first aid training. We do also have excellent staff:pupil ratios.

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