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October 26, 2020 9:00 am
October 30, 2020 12:00 pm
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Children use the Lego WeDo 2.0 and Lego Mindstorms EV3 to design robots to solve real world problems. They learn to code their robots in interactive challenges. In addition to the basics of robotics, children learn key engineering principles such as force and motion, gear ratios and aerodynamics.

  • Solve a real world ‘big problem’ such as pollution, animal welfare, dinosaur habitats
  • Apply engineering concepts such as gear ratios, aerodynamics, motions
  • Explore visual programming with the WeDo 2.0 and EV3 software
  • Build robots that use motors
  • Program and utilize different sensors
  • Develop structural design skills


When: Tuesday, October 22

Timings: 10AM – 3PM

What to bring: Nut-free packed lunch and a refillable water bottle

Challenges may vary depending on the child’s age/ability as we have multiple streams running within each session.

Venue: Blackheath High School, Vanbrugh Park, London SE3 7AG, UK

Age Requirement: 7+

No prior coding experience necessary. If your child has been to one of these workshops before, then their learning will be extended further and they will not have to repeat the same content as before.

1 × Monday - Scratch Coding (Race against time)

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1 × Tuesday - Scratch Coding (Trick or Treat)

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1 × Wednesday - Scratch Coding ( Spell School )

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1 × Thursday - Scratch Coding ( Monster Mazes )

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1 × Friday - Scratch Coding ( Spooky Stories )

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£30.00 £27.00

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