Project Description

Hold a Merge Cube, and use design and coding principles to turn it into any virtual object you wish. Content creation for the best piece of tech we’ve seen in recent times.

Workshop participants use the MERGE Cube and turn it into a hologram that they can hold in their own hands! Participants learn design principles through the use of computer aided design (CAD) tools. They then learnt to code the merge cube to interact with an end user.

  • Use visual block-based and intuitive programming language to code
  • More advanced coders can have fun coding scripts to add interactions through JavaScript
  • Use code to experiment with physics! Create simulations of physical phenomena and visualize abstract scientific concepts in 3D or in VR.
  • Coding – Learn to code in a virtual world in the palm of your hand
  • Logic – Give your 3D creations behaviour, animation, movement
  • Test and Debug – using logic and systematic reasoning
  • Play – Interact with a virtual world entirely created by you

  • Discover – The art of computer aided design (CAD)

Participants are provided with all the equipment they will need for this particular course. However, they are expected to bring:

  • Lunch – All students are expected to bring packed lunch for the day (nut-free and not to be shared)

  • Water – In a re-fillable water bottle. No glass or fizzy drinks please.
  • Ready to Learn – we expect all children to come in with a great learning attitude