Project Description

Content creation and coding for a highly interactive virtual reality 3-D world. Learn to build interactions with block-based coding or advanced scripting.

Our students use computer aided design (CAD) to create their 3-D worlds. They then use visual block-based and intuitive programming language to code interactions between the various elements of their virtual reality world and the end user of their product. 

More advanced coders can have:

  • fun coding scripts to add interactions through JavaScript
  • Use code to experiment with physics!
  • Create simulations of physical phenomena and visualize abstract scientific concepts in 3D or in VR.
  • Coding – Learn to code in a virtual world in the palm of your hand
  • Logic – Give your 3D creations behaviour, animation, movement
  • Test and Debug – using logic and systematic reasoning
  • Play – Interact with a virtual world entirely created by you

  • Discover – The art of computer aided design (CAD)

Participants are provided with all the equipment they will need for this particular course. However, they are expected to bring:

  • Lunch – All students are expected to bring packed lunch for the day (nut-free and not to be shared)

  • Water – In a re-fillable water bottle. No glass or fizzy drinks please.
  • Ready to Learn – we expect all children to come in with a great learning attitude