Project Description

Use Lego Mindstorms EV3 to design robots to solve real world problems. Learn to programme your robots to compete in interactive challenges. You can code using blocks or Python. In addition to the basics of robotics, children learn key engineering principles such as force and motion, gear ratios and aerodynamics.

  • Solve a real world ‘big problem’ such as pollution, animal welfare, dinosaur habitats
  • Apply engineering concepts such as gear ratios, aerodynamics, motions
  • Explore visual programming with EV3 software
  • Build robots that use motors and sensors
  • Program and utilize different sensors
  • Develop structural design skills

  • Build – Use Lego to build smart robots
  • Code – Bring your robot to life using code
  • Play – Let your robot interact with the world around them.

  • Discover – Expand your capabilities by discovering new programming concepts

Participants are provided with all the equipment they will need for this particular course. However, they are expected to bring:

  • Lunch – All students are expected to bring packed lunch for the day (nut-free and not to be shared)

  • Water – In a re-fillable water bottle. No glass or fizzy drinks please.
  • Ready to Learn – we expect all children to come in with a great learning attitude