Project Description

This course is designed for primary aged students who are looking to learn to code the games that they play every day. Minecraft makes coding fun yet meaningful as players learn and understand coding concepts that they bring to life in the game!

The participant can use a drag & drop interface which is highly intuitive, but the blocks also show the actual java code too. Coding concepts like variables, if/then/else statements and constructors will be learnt. More advanced participants can switch any time from block-based drag-and-drop code to Javascript.

The children can play with their creations and show their friends at the end of the session on a secure server that only the course participants on the day will have access to:

  • Code in Minecraft using a Java editor
  • Increase complexity with Conditions and Variables
  • Learn about Boolean and Loops
  • Test and debug using logic and systematic reasoning
  • Connect your world and Play in Minecraft
  • Coding – Learn to code in a fun, familiar environment
  • Logic – Increased complexity with Loops, Conditions and Variables
  • Test and Debug – using logic and systematic reasoning
  • Connect – Connect your world and Play in Minecraft

  • Discover – Open up a world of possibilities by tinkering your code

Participants are provided with all the equipment they will need for this particular course. However, they are expected to bring:

  • Lunch – All students are expected to bring packed lunch for the day (nut-free and not to be shared)

  • Water – In a re-fillable water bottle. No glass or fizzy drinks please.
  • Ready to Learn – we expect all children to come in with a great learning attitude