Project Description

In this course, children learn to create their own stories through Wallace & Grommitt type clay figures and Lego city models. They will learn to create story boards before shooting their own movie complete with audio and special effects animations. The children will be encouraged to work in teams to bounce off ideas and become excellent story tellers. In our animation workshops, children:

  • Create story boards and narratives
  • Plan and create characters
  • Edit video and audio tracks
  • Use professional equipment and software for capture and editing
  • Produce videos and animations for YouTube
  • Develop a range of soft skills including presenting, planning, designing and post-production editing
  • Creative Thinking – Think of an idea and turn it into a film

  • Create – build everything from characters to props and settings

  • Filming – Tell rich, dynamic narratives through your film

  • Watch – Publish your films so others can watch them too

  • Develop -Add titles, add special effects, and sounds

Participants are provided with all the equipment they will need for this particular course. However, they are expected to bring:

  • Lunch – All students are expected to bring packed lunch for the day (nut-free and not to be shared)

  • Water – In a re-fillable water bottle. No glass or fizzy drinks please.
  • Ready to Learn – we expect all children to come in with a great learning attitude